Fender trim


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I know it is the wrong year but has anyone ever seen this trim before on a 55 pickup? I have looked all over and can't find anything like it. IMG_20171008_165742039.jpg


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Could be an add on. What the weird part is. The truck is a hydramatic pickup and has special trim on the glove box and the door had some Spears on them.


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Not GMC either. As Bob said it looks like 50's passenger car. If it is a factory piece and not a made piece there should be a part # on the backside. It could also be from a boat of the same era...:brow
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Kinda looks like a piece that was put on the late30's? early 40's Buicks. I think usually on the rear fenders, and/or fender skirts. But it appears a little beefier than the Buicks. Similar in looks though. JMO.