Finally getting to build a 348 Stroker


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My last restoration was a 1959 El Camino with an original 283 in it. I wanted to put a 348 into it at some point so I started collecting 348 parts at swap meets, ebay and craigslist whenever I found a good price. On a whim I listed the El Camino on Ebay before building the 348 and someone in the UK met my reserve so I sold the car. So then I had an engine to build and no car.
Then 4 months ago I found my next vehicle project, a 1953 Anglia/Thames Panel. This is going to be a vintage 60's drag build. I had the 348 block checked/cleaned and bored 60 over. The heads I found were already rebuilt with the intake enlarged to 2.19 and 7/16 threaded rocker studs in place and ported/polished. The intake is an Offenhauser 6x2 with Holley 94's on it.
I am sure I will have questions as I go forward on this project since I have never built a 348.

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:welcome2 Gary.You are aware that with a 4 in.stroke crank you're looking at 440 cu.inch's.right?What are the casting numbers on your heads?If 690 0r 583,your offy intake won't fit.

63 dream'n

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Welcome to the site....... I love the car and the thought that you’re going to put a stroked W in it .........happy building..........!!!!!!

63 dream'n

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I didn’t catch it when I first looked at the photos but then I noticed......:crazy..... I have never seen a set of heads that had the middle divider removed from In between 2 neighboring intake valve runners........ won’t that cause issues with flow......:rub.......Sorry if I’m stupid but wouldn’t the larger cavity slow the fuel down because it’s the opposite of a Venturi....... sorry in advance ......


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Not if the custom single intake runner is wider than that. Not to mention it doesn't apply to engines running 9000rpm. :D I'm more worried about the lack of water jacket heads on a stroker. They were bad enough heads as it were but then to make the bottom end a performance piece would be problematic right? Wouldn't a set of 379's be better?