Firewall factory marks


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No I looked at pictures and didn’t see anything on the DS just the PS had writing. The other thing mark I found was a yellow X behind the wheel well on the firewall.


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The fourth digit or letter of the vin tells you what plant it came out of.My car was built at the Van Nuys plant so I am especially curious about markings on cars built there.Thats what’s cool about the scribbles,all the plants did it different.Think about all the markings that have been lost in restorations. AA119B2B-597C-4630-9FDF-1D6530B15757.jpeg I have this on my firewall.


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My 62 SS has many markings, I think their cool, and a mystery. I do think if you look at the RPO codes, some of them will correspond with the chalk marks. Example, mine, 412- power brakes, 148 could be
seat belts I have original belt bolts in rear seat. Large P- Powerglide, 2-Large SS's, my car was from VN Cali. My Bel Air had many also but was from back east. I did replace them on my Bel Air, they are
on the drivers side back on the firewall. Its always up to the owner, that's what makes these car's and
site so different, you can agree to disagree, and still not Impeach.....:winnerGod Bless America


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Most are going to correlate with body modifications needed- like the 4spd so they would know to have the the floor hole and clutch rod provisions etc. 1847- body style Impala Sport Coupe. Paint and or Interior codes are common as well as what trim level. Air conditioning is usually a 4 or 4C I have seen the back of fenders on 58 fenders to show which trim level and which two tone pattern. I would add them. The whole point of a restoration is to RESTORE it back as close to how it left the plant as you can. If you did not have the markings it would be pretty impossible to know what to put. you can practice on some cardboard with a Large sharpie marker. I would try less to replicate the EXACT person's writing style but rather just practice enough as though it was YOUR job back in the day to scribble this stuff on the car and just grab the grease marker and go at it once you are comfortable with the look on the cardboard.