Fitted 348 block and heads

Tom Kochtanek

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Fitted 348 Block and 379 heads for sale.

Here is a 1960-61 fitted 348 truck block (complete block with pistons, rods and crank). It has the “double notch” at the top of cylinders. The casting number is 3755011 and the casting date is “G 25 60” (or July 25, 1960). It has replacement cast pistons (unknown origin), stock rods and a stock crank. The pistons are .040 over and the crank was ground .10/.10. Clearly this was rebuilt at some time, not sure of condition so it's best to do a thorough verification.

Double Notch 348 1.jpg

Stamping on front pad is “T 0909 TF” which identifies it as a truck build (220 horses?). The cylinder heads are not correct, they are casting #3758379 dated “K 12 58” and “1 23 58”. These are 250 horse passenger heads, and they are fully valved (valves, springs, keepers) but no pushrods. I have 16 GM stamped steel rockers that are included.

No specific intake or carb. I got these along with a bunch of “W” stuff and recently decided I wasn’t going to need it for any of my projects. Here's what she
looks like at the moment, of course this doesn't include the after market intake, carbs, valve covers and distributor :)

Double notch 348.jpg
Asking $750

I can strap her to a pallet at my cost and drop it off at a local transport company of your choosing.