for sale 409 biscayne

1958 delivery

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"It was ordered for 1963 year as special construction one of a few made in this configuration. There are some great articles about this car on line. The Odometer reads 54,195 but actual mileage is around 550 miles."

What happened to the odometer, too many burnouts?:scratch

Michael Cohen

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I did add a power booster because with my last Biscayne I could not stop it well and totaled a Nissan Versa with little damage to the Chevy. I also added a Ford solenoid to help start a hot 409 motor with high compression. The pic without a horn button was before i got the newly painted steering wheel. The fan shroud was on the car when I bought it. Never saw what the difference is on a 63 verses a 64. When i had the car painted the painter filled in the original holes and we looked at pics to place the new symbols on the finders. My bad if they are too high. All correctable for the purist if necessary. It runs very well now. So well that I over did a start against a Corvette and broke the drive shaft. Live and learn.