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I wanted to thank the 348-409 forum and everyone's input and opinions. I have read more threads than I can count and after several years of building a 1940 Chevy and shoving a 348 in to it, several of you have answered pretty much every question I could have. I'm not a mechanic and my car would be considered more rat rod than pretty but I like to be different and nothing is better than the look of a 348 (or 409, I dont have 12,000 dollars for that) sitting in the engine bay. I definitely have had some issues building and tuning the engine and still have small issues here and there but you all have covered everything i threw a tool for or just called it quites for the night about. Thanks to Don Jacks and Aubrey, I recall there names the most but I know there are others who helped.

Nothing special but I have a 1940 Chevy Special Delux Sedan with a 348, Muncie 4 speed Isky cam Flowmaster mufflers 10 bolt chevy (308 rearend) and it is fun to drive (the girlfriend and kids love it). Bought the car for $2000.00 dollars, floors rusted out and lots of other things, paid the same for the short block. I done everything myself to this point with the help from this forum. I've had lots of fun figuring things out and seeing things work (but also wanted to beat the thing into the ground) at times. Bottom line I read a statement in a magazine years ago that said something along the lines of, even if you get it running and on the road looking rough, its better than rotting away somewhere and not being driven. I have over 400 miles logged and having a blast! Thanks