Found a 1962 Bubble top.


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The engine and trans are gone but it was a 3 on the tree, the color is red on red.
It looks fairly complete but it needs a lot of help. I would consider it a major restoration.
If it were a lesser car I wouldn't even bother to post this. I know I'm going to get hammered for not having pictures but it caught me off guard. I caught the owner dragging it out of a building that they are going to demolish. It would make a sweet race car for someone. He even has a extra hood, fenders, and a deck lid off of a 62 Impala to go with it. I'm neck deep in a 55 rebuild so I can't take this on. I could buy and hold it for someone for a small fee. The guy wants $1,500. I'll try and get some pictures soon.

yellow wagon

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GREAT BUY! $1500 for a 62 bubble top in any condition is a steal! Last mega project bubble top I looked at was $8500!

Phil Reed

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OK that we've had a couple of phone conversations and your name is really Steve...........................where did Wally come from?????????


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Where in Iowa was this? You guys still have snow?

I guess ya' spend a night off the internet and ya' lose...
Hell, we had 14 inches the first go round! and 2 weeks later we had 9 more! Now everything is melting and it's a muddy mess! Way in the northwest corner.


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Any chance there's a 1961 hiding out in the same building.....or somewhere on the property? :dunno

Seriously hats off to you Wally for posting this up and taking care of members here. Very cool of you.
Phil Reed you lucked out. Must be all that clean living and good karma coming back to ya. Aren't you going to be busy with the '63 and those retirement plans?

Last 60

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The '63 is ready to go. Phil needs something to keep his hands busy, you know idle hands are the "Devils Workshop"!!