Found in Garage

I have been looking for a place to ask questions about these
motors I have found what I believe is a complete 409 motor with the 348 three duces on top. The guy is selling it and not ever being into these motors I don't know what it is worth I have pictures if anyone would like to look and let me know.
Thanks ssvette:D



I suggest you get the numbers from them and check the lists on the main site. There are suffix numbers/codes stamped on the front of the block as well as "raised" casting numbers on the rear.

These numbers will tell you exactly what they are. For casting numbers, go to: and for the suffix codes, go to:

Examples are shown on those pages as to what to look for.

I hope you found some good ones and good luck! :cheers



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NOW YOU DONE IT !!!! This will let that other guy out of his cage !! heeee heee

GO get `um RAY !!
After looking at Bobs block numbers chart the block is a 409
and someone has put a 348 tir-power on it. I offered him 500
for the motor not because I need it for anything I have, which
is two 67 camaros and a 57 vette, wow a 57 vette with a 409
now that would be different :eek:

Fathead Racing

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Outa my cage!

Yeh DQ I get this all the time, Like I don't know whats in my own car:mad: As a matter of fact my 09 has 348 heads on it too and a 348 distributer and a 348 water pump and a 348 oil pan etc,etc,etc, get it?:rolleyes: :D :D



There really is no prices etched in stone for these engines/parts. It's up to what a person will pay and what the seller will sell for. Some sell cheap, others think their parts are gold plated. The engine size plays the biggest part. Anything high performance will bring big bucks, low horse 409's and 348's are next in line followed by truck engines. These are so old now that even truck engines are fetching some coin.

That is why I suggested checking the numbers first to see exactly what you have there. Many parts interchange so a picture won't really tell the whole story.


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SSVETTE-I had a '61 Vette around '64, a Fuelie car that I took the 283 out of and put a 327 fuelie short block into--ran pretty dang good. I was tooling around the local college campus when I came up against a 59 that cleaned my clock. Later was told he had a 409 in it-wow! I ran into the fella a couple of years ago while visiting a friend at the local fire dept. He said it wasn't actually a 409, but a 409 with a 348 crank.



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Then just make it fit!

I bet with a modified oil pan and custom headers it'd go. Actually, I have never looked at the engine compartment on a 57 vette, but I hope to own a 59-60 someday. If Your car is a keeper, It would be a fun swap (in a bite your tounge/hair pulling sorta way) :rolleyes: But I wouldn't modify anything on a Early Corvette that wasn't a bolt-on item! :eek: NUT


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Replying to myself again...

It's funny. My dad recently got an original 57 T-Bird from my mom's Uncle's estate. He bought it new and has low miles,312, electric windows,etc. My Dad passed away two years ago and I could probably get this car if I wanted it, at least I could drive it whenever I want. .... I have absolutley no interest in this car. If it was a Vette I'd be in it every chance I got! I guess I'm a true Chevyman at heart. This proves it, right? Now, why wasn't my Great Uncle!? :mad: :D NUT
Their is a long story behind this vette it belonged to my father who died in 1966 I was 6 years old and the car was in the paint shop at the time, the shop keeper said he would keep the car for the bill due but my Grandfather said he would pay the bill and pick up the car. My Dad had 5 brothers that raced the vette in the day with a 12 to 1 stroked 301 with a t-10 and 513s out the back the car was always known as Taylor's vette. Well 10 years later I move from LA to the farm in Yakima WA. I only saw the vette in the back of the downstairs storage shop I had just turned 16 and got my drivers license well to make a long story short a new kid in the valley was claiming he had the fastest car in the valley when an old farmer asked if he ever raced Taylor’s vette for that title he said he didn’t know they had one and proceeded to do a burn out in front of the farm house while me and uncle Jerry were working on a tractor, without say a word my uncle got up and left a few minutes later I hear the little ford tractor chugging up the hill with the vette in tow. Well after working on it the rest of the afternoon it was running pretty good and a few launching lessons later he threw my the keys and said go get him. I set up the race and all my buddies and half the town showed up this little vette came out of the hole so hard I almost could not hold the wheel straight, second third and fourth and it was all over I had to wait at the other end for him and I never saw him the whole race, that was all it took I have been drag racing ever since--------Sorry for the long story, ssvette


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No, Please go on!

I love it. I wish My dad was into that stuff. He bought cars but never really did anything with them. He was in the wood business and loved it. Now I'm in the wood business and hate it. You hang on to that car and if it still has that engine don't mess with it! Thank you for the story. NUT :)


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ssvette,when I was in my last year of high school in 1964 in Anchorage Alaska,there was a guy I knew that owned a local gas station and was an ace mechanic and a total chevy nut and professional drag racer.He had a 1957 'vette in which he put a 425 h.p. 409 with 6 two barrel carbs and he won every time he raced(don't remember what class he raced in though).I asked him how much trouble he had dropping that 409 in the vette and he said it wasn't much trouble for him? The point is you might want to get out the 'ol tape measure and take another look at that installation!:D :D :D

Tom Kochtanek

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Solid axles with "W" engines

I recall seeing a print article on what I recall to be a 1959 'Vette with a 409 in it. Will look for the article and pass along any relevant information.

I say "go for it" and bring her to the Convention!

Well she needs a motor and the 409 would make it different than any other out their. I am still working the deal on the 409 motor but in the mean time I am trying to get my latest 67 insured, my insurance company will not insure it for what it is worth so I am having an appraisal done on Saturday.