Frame swapping or piecing


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It seems every time I crawl under one of the 1963 Impalas I realize something is different from the other. The frame that is currently under my 4 door parts car is the style with the rear part of the frame being made from box tubing. Plan was to use this frame in the Pro Street car where pretty much around the back third of the frame is getting cut off if not more. Now my convertible has the open "C" channel type rear frame and while it is fairly solid I was planning on boxing it and addressing the factory welds during the frame off restoration of that car. Now the question is when I wack the rear of the box tubed rear frame would it be worth it to keep it and put it on the Convertible? Or should I look at doing the reinforcement of the boxed tube frame and add body mounts and just use it under the convertible? I was thinking I might look to see if it would be worth trading the frame with somebody if these frames are worth more than a C channel frame, but I worry with this option about getting someone else's problem like a bent frame or worse. Any other thoughts on this?


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I think it sounds like a workable plan to add the necessary stuff to the box frame and use it as the basis for the convertible, and whack the other one, but I don't have to do all of the work. Someone who has done a convertible might be a better source of info, like Paul or others. Mine has a VIN on that rear section, if that matters.

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I've heard at least 3 companies made those frames.
The type that is boxed to the rear bumper always seems to be the ones that rust out. I live in the rust belt and after 7 years mine was toast.
The type you have has the front section made from 2 channels welded together.I have never seem that typre rust out.
Your convertible frame should be re-enforced to make up for the lack of a hardtop.