Fred Totten memorial shootout.


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I have such a good time at Thompson I was willing to overlook these things, that's just me I guess. I never complain at any race. If I were to start though I would say that at one BIG meet in the state of Kentucky after a long pull and a three day event I only got to run one time. Huh.
Why? Got whooped first run?

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Where in the Hell is Wisconsin????????? anybody like CHEESE?????????:winner:winner
Charlie... I like Old Style and limburger. Are you offering, you old Buzzard? Besides that, I have a grudge race for "2 fingers" is that worth an 800 mile drive?:winner
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If your going to Bowling Green---Get ready for a long wait----I`ve raced at 2 of the Hot Rod Reunions---tons of cars---Maybe 1 time run?????