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Barry Taylor

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This belongs to my good friend Roger Robinson who owns the grey Nova Ronnie and I used to race. He got the motor from Ronnie a long time ago and i believe it was the second or third 409 he had built. Ronnie put it in a nice Black 61 Impala hoping to get his son interested in racing it in the high school class. Didn’t work out so Roger got the motor. A guy in Dallas got the car and put a DD74D474-25CA-44EE-B40C-374EF4E555BE.jpeg AE806C40-CC73-461A-A299-9BB35039D9DA.jpeg 5FEB8B36-D4C3-447A-A333-0BDA0BD7213C.jpeg 86D2B4D2-D0D6-4FE9-B244-1808819E0697.jpeg big block in it and drove it. Roger made his own headers for it.


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Brain Fart!! :confused Ive forgot to reset my delay box, trans brake wouldn’t set, redlight. I’ve forgot to turn on the air bottle, wouldn’t shift. Try to stage in high gear, trans brake won’t set, redlight. I’ve done em all!!!
I had one more back in high school. 53 Olds hydramatic, I pulled it down one too far. (R).. When the flag came up, I hit my chest on the steering wheel:doh