Front coil spring insulators???

I have the front springs out of 64 Impala & am wondering if there should be insulators either on top or bottom to stop any "noise" if springs shift!!! Or just coat top & bottom with a shot of grease? Replacing all bushings top & bottom on A/arms { old & beat] thks. Pete


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Years ago, I bought a set of lower control arms, from a 64 in the junk yard. There was rubber insulators on the bottom of the spring. This was a six cylinder car. Don't know, if they were put in there by GM or not.:dunno


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As much tension as the front coils are under I sincerely doubt they would ever move once compressed. The way they banana always makes me pay extra attention when removing or installing them.

Put your new bushings in the freezer for a day or two before installing them. I like to run a little flap wheel inside all the holes to clean them up and make sure there are no burrs or nicks in the holes. I cut a length of exhaust pipe and slotted it to fit over the control arm shaft to support the ears of the control arm when pressing the bushings in and out and keep them from de-forming. Be sure to mark or pay attention to how the cross shafts go in, the spacing from the holes where they attach to the frame stand and to the end of the shaft is not the same and if you install them backwards it really sucks, the A-Arm will hit the frame near on the side closest to the firewall and you will have to take them back apart once you assemble them. Ask me how I know :scratch


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Haven't seen them on earlier cars, however the ones I have used were to balance out the left side of my 65 and 67 Le Mans convertibles because of the weight of air conditioning.
Well folks I finally got the 409 Impala back on the ground, this bushing replacement job turned out to be a real Pain in A$$ !!! Upper A/arms were a bitch to get off, had to cut the bolts leaving enough to press out after arms off. or take manifolds & strg. column out. Lowers fought me all the way but didn't give up!!! Put a "GOB" of grease on top & bottom of coils for good measure. Backed it out of shop today, no more "gronking" from suspension, installed 4 B/joints, new gas shocks & sway bar link kits. Will get it too alignment shop as soon as "salt" gone from roads & no more snow!!! Looked at my 64 Pontiac Parsienne [Canadian] wagon with SBC & there's tons of room to manifolds!!! Glad this jobs done .getting too old for this "$hit"