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Don my first two passes were 10.856 and 10.860 at 114mph
Sounds good Brian, :happy:appl:appl:applI talked to Ralph yesterday and he's going back to St Louis Gateway on the 26th. His second pass in his 63 he went 10.77 @124, his first pass he went 10.88 @ 126. Sounds like you guys would be good competition for. . each other. He told me that he jetted his 800's down a couple of steps cuz it was a little fat and he changed the gear in the car. He made one pass and spun pretty bad and then the monsoon came. That four letter word called rain. Ralph also found that one of his plug wires was bad and he was only getting half the temperature in one of the cylinders. Be interesting to see what he runs in 2 weeks he's going back to Gateway on a Wednesday night test and tune. I plan on being there I'd like to take my beater Nova.:dunno:pray
Brian did you get any videos or pictures? :pics
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Don Jacks

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10.62 at 118mph was best out of four. traction wasn’t too good and I’ve got too much gear ( which I knew) so I had to let off past the 1/8th somewhere and just drive it out. Best 60’ was a 1.48
What gear is in it now? I was basing my guess from the times that you were running at BG last year in very hot and humid[the air sucked] conditions.I'm sure that the temps and air at Thompson were much better.
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