Sad News :( Gerry Gostenik


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RIP Gerry.
When I started in this crazy 348-409 Chevy hobby I meet Gerry at my sons home in Dearborn, MI, it just so happens that Gerry lived on the same street. P
It was some years after I purchased my 62 Chevy conv 409 and I drove it to a birthday party at my sons, that I meet Gerry when he was driving by. He stopped just to look at my 100 ft looker. After talking with him some, he invited me and my son, to come over to his place at a latter date. I had no idea that he was A connoisseur of the 348 409.
When we came to his place and looked in his garage and saw 2-race cars & his suburban W powered tow truck, I know I was talking a TRUE, W powered person.
Over the years of meeting him on and off and talking shop, we became friends. During our Conversations he said at one time he had 12 W engines at one time setting in his garage. After a some years he sold off one of the race cars, keeping the nostalgia drag 61.

About 10 years ago my 62 was acting up, broke one of my number eight valve lifters. I thought it was time to rebuild the Chevy from he ground up. So after finding the metal shop to do the body work and an painter, off we went.

At the same time I stopped over to Gerry’s to visit and he asked why he hasn’t seen the 62 lately. I told him I was doing a body & paint refreshing. He said that would be the right time to refresh the engine at the same time, wasn’t even thinking about that, $$$$$. But after the Conversation about it, we Decided that was the best time to refresh the engine. After talking to him about where is the the best shop in town. He said he could do it if I would do all the running around for parts. So we set a price for his services and what kind of engine I was looking for. So off we went p. When ever he needed parts or machine work he’d call and off I went. About 7 months later, he called and said come over to hear your 409. All I can say is WOW.
unfortunately my son had to move out of state and I haven’t talked to Gerry since as much as I should have.

RIP, friend I will never forget our Conversations.

Dave Krueger (ROYALOAK62)


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Was Gerry at the first convention in KC.....:scratch If so I think I sat with him on the bus ride to Day Automotive.....:good
RIP Gerry.......thanx for the memories.....:hug


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Gerry was at the convention in great bend,ks and raced the 61. Never talked to him ,but was very impressed with his racing. He would pull the front wheel's up about a foot . . I believe he was top dog at the convention.


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I saw him at the clay city ky event and he ran well as I remember I saw him a couple of years later at the hot rod reunion in bowling green he was coming out of a Ihop restaurant and he said he was headed home i don't think he was to happy with the reunion

Barry Taylor

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I met Gerry at the Clay City, Ky race also. He was a very friendly person to talk to and like everyone said he could shift those gears. A true Ambassador and a great racer for our 348-409 community. RIP Gerry


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I am deeply saddened by the news of Gerry's passing ... I met him at National Trail raceway around 2003 at a NSCA race .. I was to become friends w/ him from that day on ... Quiet person but there was a lot going on in the backround ......I knew of his health issues and had kept in touch w/ him ... The last time i saw him in person he came down from Mi. and bought a block from me ... He always had an interesting project under construction ... Great guy , better person , terrible loss for his family and friends ... RIP Gerry ....


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I first met Gerry at the Thompson Race and then when he bought 58 wagon from my buddy Bob and we had also talked on the phone a few times when Gerry was buying some 409 parts I also remember the Hot rod reunion Race at Epping ware Gerry was going in to the finales with the broke trans! Great guy ! very sad RIP
This is Gerry's son Rick. I just wanted to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts about my father at this trying time. It was comforting to hear some stories from those who had the good fortune of interacting with him. He was a good person and an excellent teacher. You will be hard pressed to find a person more dedicated to exploring the potential of that 409 engine and mechanical systems in general. May he rest in peace.


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Sorry to hear about Gerry. Drove out to his house a few yrs ago to buy the back seat out of the '61 for my '62 bubble top. He was a nice guy and we spent a while talking with him, and him showing us some of his stuff and other cars. Glad I got a chance to meet him. RIP.

63 dream'n

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So sorry to hear about Gerry’s passing......Condolences to his friends and family...... sounds like a ...........“stand up gentleman”.........:pray RIP