Going on the Dyno

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You know you guys have better stuff than me.......I only get hand me downs.
But that's okay with me because there are no fancy computers or do dads to fog up the scene. :cigar


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Looks like Carter Comps, single return spring? Still got the little bypass between the water pump? Then again you kick my ass at the strip, maybe I can learn something. Man,your ole school.
Edelbrock carbs. If they were old carters I may not have had any problems. There is a second double return spring on the rear carb. You can kind of see it under the linkage and next to the plug wires to make three springs total. From my understanding, the bypass helps prevent hot spots and cavitation of the pump. The same thing can be accomplished by drilling a few small holes in the thermostat. Some say they block it with no problems
and others say they have had cooling issues without it. I figure if GM kept it on the big blocks, and the small blocks had it internally, they probably had a good reason. Other auto makers used some type of bypass also. Yes I am a little old school and I like it!


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You want drama, you got it! Well before it even warmed up the exhaust note changed and a loud metallic rapping started. Pulled a valve cover and after looking things over the initial thought was that it lunched a lifter because the rocker was flopping around. Got the intake off tonight and it turns out the lifter is fine. The problem is the exhaust valve stuck in the guide and hung the valve open. As that happened the guide let go and was going up and down in the head instead of the valve moving in the guide. I'll know more once I get the head off. Just curious why it decided to do it idling on the dyno and not while racing the car last year. :cryblow