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I want to post my experience with Gonzalez Customz in Red Oak Texas.

I had a full interior to be installed on my full frame-off restoration 1961 Impala. After 4 months of no work, I retrieved my car from a Ft. Worth trim shop and let Lucio, Juan and Gizmo survey my project and give me a quote/timeline. The day I arrived with "Polly," he provided the quote ... $3000 LESS than the previous shop's quote. Said he needed to finish - out the week, but call then and he'd know when he could take it.

During the call, Lucio said he could take my car sooner than I was really ready to bring it ... the previous shop destroyed my alternator with 25 volts applied to jumpstart the brand new Optima Yellow Top. So, we agreed to a delivery on 11 November 20.

Arrived as planned, Lucio/company took the car and immediately began cutting the door panel backings.

Today ... 12 Dec 20 ... I took delivery of my car with a completely new interior ... less than 4 weeks, including a major holiday (Thanksgiving) ... and a delayed headliner material shipment.

These folks are top notch. Interested in producing a product with which even a picky customer can be happy, in a prompt time frame, really fair price.

I don't know if I'll ever need another full interior ... but if I do ... I'm taking it to Gonzalez Customz.



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His first name wouldn't happen to be Speedy???:D
Ha...a gunsmith Speedy[Tom] Gonzales built my first new Benchrest rifle. Dallas/Ft Worth.

About the interior cost. Quality is becoming harder to come by every day at any cost IMO
Glad you found someone you're happy with and proud enough of them to give a shout out.....:winner
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