Good intentions gone bad.

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Truth, when I bought the 2018 Dodge Challenger Hemi I kept telling myself " I'm not just buying this because it will turn the tires " its a great car and a touring car. When I picked it up at the dealership the odometer read 1.9 miles. I pulled out of the lot, foot break'ed it and smoked the tires for a quarter mile. I'm so weak. Can anyone help? IMG_0405.JPG
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When we rent a car for a long trip many times we get a free "bump up", especially when they are low on cars. One day the guy said "how many of you all are there"? I said "just two". He said how would you like a Dodge Challenger? I always ask for a Chevy Impala, but I said "sure" to the Dodge.

Was a pretty cool car.

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Make sure you get the extended warranty and a free tow package. Also it’s not necessary to get theft protection unless you plan on driving in ghetto “hoods”