Ground Up SS396


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About 3 weeks ago I ordered a couple trunk lid torque rods online from ground Up. Had to wait
for a shipping quote to Canada. After about 2 days I called them and they said US$102.......YIKES!
I cancelled the order and was assured no charge to the credit card.
Next day - bang - US$54.95 charge on the card. Called them and they said no nothing had gone through. After several days Jose Vasquez on their order desk called and said yes they had made a mistake and a refund would be forthcoming. One week, two weeks, no refund.
Had talked to Jose several times and each time he tried to solve the situation.
This past Monday still no credit. Jose sent me their MasterCard info to start a trace from this end and again
he was very helpful in chasing down his supervisor to confirm the refund had been issued.

Well today the refund showed up on the MasterCard........yippee.

During this whole ordeal I was convinced I would never deal with Ground Up ever again....but after the effort put in by Jose Vasquez to take command of the situation I will definitely use them in the future, in fact Jose told me to call and ask for him to assist me .

Now that is old fashion customer service............5 STARS!


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Not sure which car you need them for and I do not claim to be super knowledgeable on other years ( I am fairly well versed on 58's) but on 58's the torsion rods/springs are 3 different sets for each model group the belair/biscayne/delray is group one, impala hardtop is group 2 and impala convert is group3. Just like each of the trunk lids are different across those models so are the torsion springs. My book shows convertibles are convert only on a 62 all the rest should interchange.


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.....required for a 67 Beaumont (same as a Chevelle)...found a couple locally from a 66 Chevelle,
now just have to wrestle them back in.........:pray