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I like my Colt Commander 1911 alloy frame, smaller then the 1911 and lighter due to alloy frame. I'm very accurate with it at the range. I got it in 1975
As far as carry, can't do that around here, only crooks and cops carry and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
Well that is due to the state that you live in.... anyone can carry here without a permit.... I do have mine though


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Where do you people live? :hide
I must be too naive, never think I would need this to go anywhere I go.
James, it's not so much where I Iive, but moreso the crazies that are out there and pop up without notice. They are everywhere and don't wear a sign saying they are whacked. It's sad that life has been reduced to this. You can't even go shopping, out to eat, movies, church services without looking around and wonder about some of the people who surround you. If something doesn't go very well, I just want a chance for survival. That's one of the reasons I would carry a concealed handgun, Carmine.


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History shows us that liberals are against you having any so it's easier to control you

They are only against law abiding citizens from having weapons. They seem to think criminals and cops are better suited to carry weapons than you or I. It's typical democrat and liberal thinking. They think they will appease the bullies and they wont harm them :wtfClearly they haven't read or understand history. But we are the stupid ones :dunno2


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Yes they are but I still don't see them carrying anything except a dildo trying to take my guns
Altho thats funny as hell the truth of the matter is they are passing laws at a record rate to take away your 2nd amendment. The time will come when they send in tanks and machine guns to ensure you comply. I forget who said it but "The primary function of any government is to have a monopoly on violence."