Harbor Freight air brush kit



I'd like to say I bought this to do a really cool mural on my 70's van (which I don't have) but I have to leave that to the artists out there. :D

Actually, I bought this to do small touch ups on my cars rather than using a paint brush to fill in those small chips & scratches. Air brushing works great to repair any small burn thru's during the buffing process too. (try doing that with a brush!)

This tool works great! Total control over the amount of paint and a very quick learning curve. (I never used one before) Very happy with it. Regular price is $26.98 but was on sale for $21.99 and after a 20 % off coupon, I got it for $17.59 + tax.

With a whole fleet of antique cars in my collection, those scratches and nicks are gonna happen all too frequently. I think I'll be putting this to good use and probably often!

P.S. This had very good reviews on Harbor Freight website as well.


Harbor Freight description:

This airbrush kit is designed for general purpose use from modeling and detail work to automotive and body work applications! This airbrush kit is constructed of chrome-plated brass with an anodized aluminum needle cover to make clean up easy. Features include an adjustable air flow control to maintain a 30 PSI working pressure and slim, comfortable grip for easy painting.

  • Slim, comfortable grip
  • Easy-to-clean anodized aluminum housing
  • 30 PSI continuous working pressure
  • Adjustable air flow control


If I was gonna do the van thing, it would have to be the early 70's just when the body style changed. I like the grill in them (chrome version) From there I'm thinking a flawless jet black paint job, some massive wide tires in the back with a nice rake. (no air shocks!) Ok, back to reality....


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Hey Don - a little respect here........:rolleyes
.....we had shag carpet in our first apartment waaaaay back in the 60's........:cool:
....ah how remember the carpet burn on my knees......:good......not that there is anything wrong with that.....:laugh4


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We had a shag carpet, in our parlor, one time. Every time, we touched anything metal, we got a shock.:batMust of had some nylon in it.:bang:dunno