Harley Sportsters


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I no longer ride but have had several Harleys including getting back into it with a 1200 Sporty. Too hard riding (back tire can bounce off the surface when on the expressway expansion joints) and the bike felt too small and I’m only 5’10”. Went to a couple softtails and then to an Electraglide Classic in 2009. That was a great cruiser but heavy at almost 900 lbs. Best Harley for two up riding, but a softail at about 600 lbs is more nimble and rides real well with 2. Even though my wife can’t ride with me anymore due to MS, I wish I would have kept a ‘97 Heritage Springer that I bought in 2008 as a second bike, Most good looking bike Harley ever built. Good looking like a ‘62 Impala. My opinion which means nothing is that you should at least get a softail.

Tom Kochtanek

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Yeah, Phil, she actually took the picture :).

If you look closely over my left shoulder (and in the garage) you'll spot a DynaGlide. Rode that to Michigan the next day. And back a week later. That was a real experience!