HEI distributor install

Impala Steve

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Hi, I'm doing an HEI install on a 58 Impala with a 348 motor, did you eliminate the ballast? where do I install the tach lead on the HEI pigtail since I don't have a tachometer?


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I always do away with the ballast, but I don't think it needs it. The tach lead is on the stalk with the plug in with the regular connection on the distributor.

Don Jacks

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GM produced millions of cars and trucks that had HEI ignitions and no tach.Nothing was plugged into the tach slot,nor needed to be.If you do decide to install one at a later date,the provisions are there.

Impala Steve

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So, remove the dark green wire coming from the ballast resistor to starter solenoid; remove green wire from coil to solenoid; what about the tan wire that goes to the ballast resistor? Where would I attach that?


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You need 12v to the HEI when the key is in both the crank and run position. I could be wrong but I do not believe any of the terminals on the fuse box have 12v WHILE cranking. You will need to run a wire from the HEI directly to the BAT terminal on the ignition switch. be sure to use a grommet where your wire passes through the firewall.