Here you go Phil (1962 Corvette)


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Those straps usually deteriorate and break. I guess they are saying if the original straps are still on the car its been well taken care of. Mine still had one original, the other was there but broken.

Phil Reed

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Tom.....looked at the 62 at Lake of the Ozarks. Very poor paint job and several cracks in the fiberglass.
I eliminated it very quickly!!!! The guy who owned the shop was nice.
I'll keep tryin'!!!!!!!!!!


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My 1962 Corvair Spyder had those straps, and they had the life expectancy of about 6 months. The original straps were cotton, and they either rotted and broke, or they broke when they stopped the axle from moving too far. They were called rebound straps, and today, you can buy reproductions from the Corvette vendors.