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Stopped at Nathan's yesterday to lend a hand.
My oldest son James II was hired to build a deck for Nathan's swimming pool. He had just finished a deck rebuild and expansion for Chris a few weeks ago.
And yes I am a very proud dad, as the skills my son has just amazes me.
20190525_145917 (2).jpg
20190525_133932 (2).jpg
20190525_163230 (2).jpg
20190525_194304 (2).jpg
Didn't take the kids long to try it out.
deck at night.jpg
This is Chris's deck rebuild.
20190428_131217 (2).jpg
This another one he has been working on, he said the decking boards alone were $22,000.00 bucks, some exzotick wood from south africa.
Did I say I was a proud dad. :)

Tom Kochtanek

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Nice projects!

I remember years back when he and Kenny and I redid that tongue and groove deck surface on that 100 year old St. Joseph property my son now owns :). I'd like to say I taught him something but clearly he knows what he's doing :) :) :).

James #2 definitely has some of that talent that runs in the family!


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LOOKS GREAT !!!!! I helped my son over the memorial day weekend build a deck too! Took 2.5 days but man it looks a fantastic too
our BOYS are now men..... And you know what that makes us? OLD FARTS!!!!!!!:dunno2 JUST ASK THEM:brow
He asked me if I could just come over and give him a hand and that he had the plan and had already started it. I'm amazed with my son to James IMG9520751.jpg IMG9520761.jpg IMG9520621.jpg
and they are growing up and maybe they did listen to us a little bit. LOL:good it sure did make his house look great and now he's got that social area that he likes to drink his beer on and BBQ.
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