Hot Rod project 348 complete


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Rebuilt a stock 3x2 348 once. .030 over, 9.5-1, Delta cams re-grind. 1 3/4" dyno headers. Made a little over 360 hp on the DTS dyno, once we removed the chinese made louvered air cleaners. It would only make 255 hp with those things on the carbs.

Don Jacks

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I looked up the spec's on the hyd.roller cam they used,and while I think that it's a little "big" for a street 350 ish engine at 230in.-236ex@.050,not hatefully so however.I was disappointed about the torque peak and where it came in.


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I just read this article. Very interesting. Is it my understanding that with the correct stroker crank, pistons with the wrist pin in the proper location, alot of machine work can be avoided?? This equals expense. It has to be about 7 years ago or better, when I stroked my 348 to 434 cu in. I know it was expensive to do, but it's what I wanted. I used Ross pistons at $100.00 each, a 454 crankshaft, 396 bb rods, Edelbrock aluminum heads and an Isky cam. I think with the parts and machine shop work, it came out to about $6,000.00 or so. Of course this doesn't include the purchase price or anything else that was needed to get the motor running properly. Probably have about $8,000.00 in this engine which probably isn't too bad. It is sweet running, Carmine.