How about some activity and pics?


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I won't bore you with the details (yet) but I ended up with a '64 C-10. A bailed-out project. No pics yet.

So there are only a few rules so far:

1. It will get a W, maybe with 6 2 barrels
2. It will have 3 pedals unless I trade off something
3. I don't want to move the engine forward
4. It might have p/s or not
5. It might never get painted, it's a relic or a farm truck (I don't have a farm).
6. I really need to use up some stuff I have around.
7. It's lowered enough for what I want, probably leave the suspension as-is.
8. I don't care if anyone else likes it.

So any pics, particularly engine compartment, but anything similar would be appreciated.


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Dave you could take the easy way out and just buy a farm!!! Just messing with ya. A while back a member posted some pics of a truck of that vintage that he put a 409 that looked like it was out of a C60/80 nicely painted grey with the valve cover stickers saying High Torque 409 the install made it look original. :appl:appl:appl


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I saw that! Buying a farm would not be the easy way out for me, but I haven't figured out yet where I will keep this truck. This could turn into a very long story one of these days.

I wish we could still get together in the summer and laugh about the dumb-ass things we do!

Don Jacks

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:picsThe W will fit in the same place as the small block in that year as long as you're willing to "Massage"the fire wall area on the passenger side.Ask Pumbcrazy about his 66.


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I am more than willing to do BFH or even a nice job, but the covers will need to come off easily.
And you will just have to wait on pics. I want to see other people's pics at this stage. Good ideas are always welcome. It's too damn hot to get all excited. Plus my shop is over-full already.
I know it will bolt up to the SBC mounts, but that isn't the plan. I have been down this road with a '62 and a BBC a long time ago so it shouldn't be too tough. I just wish the guy hadn't blown it into a million pieces for no good reason.


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Thanks, I usually run pretty low on patience. This group is pretty good. Some of my friends watch too much TV and have no skills. Those are the ones that start with "you should...".