How long have you owned your classic car???


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How long have you guys owned your current classic car/cars?

and how long do you intend to keep it/them??

I have always had at least one classic car since I was 15.
I kept my first chevelle for 16 years, and only sold it a few years back.
So curiousity has now got the better of me I know some of you have some stories about the cars and all of the life you have lived with them.


Here are my current cars, how long I have owned them and what I paid for each:

1963 Impala-23 years $750.00
1966 Chevelle SS-19 years $1,500.00
1969 Malibu-15 years $300.00
1969 C-10 stepside-7 years $1,000.00
1971 C-20 LWB-3 years $50.00
1972 Malibu-9 years $500.00

I intend to keep every single one of them too! :D I know some of you guys still have access to old cars/trucks but where I live, they are far and few in between. (and it will only get worse)

Great post by the way. I give it 5 stars! lol


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I have allways had some old car or truck.

I have owned my Rambler for the past eight to ten years.

The 62 Impala and 56 F-100 for the past four years.

The Falcon only the last five months.

Sell them ? NO WAY !!

OK,,,, maybe the F-100 after i finish it. It will finance the building of the Rambler and Falcon.

For some reason I get attached to my cars ,,,even the daily drivers.
I`ll drive them till there ain`t much left !! ,,,dq


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57 Bel-Air 2dr hardtop 24 years $250 never sell :)
Complete long block 409/425 3 intake manifolds single 4bl,2x4 and cross ram.A real steal 23 years ago for $250 :brow never sell

67 camaro solid body (camaro lovers would have :cry seeing me cutting the back half) 6years never sell

91 (new) T-bird Super Coupe 13 years (never seen a winter) never sell :D


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Well here goes........

66 Impala 427 8 years, will probably never sell it because of it's originality.
It gets lots of attention with a 4 speed and bench seat.

62 Vette 24 years......I got my license in 62 and this is the car I wanted. It took another 18 years to get one.....I'm not lettin' it go.

61 Impala 348 5 years. Almost complete.........maybe sell it.....maybe not

67 Beaumont 396 - 15 years, another original, anothe 4 speed, bench seat, never sell it.

63 Belair 283......3 years ...soon to be a 409-425.....can't sell this, it'll be a 4 speed and bench seat too.........gotta love 'em

All of these are like old friends.......just can't part with them.

BJ :cheers :cheers


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I've had my 1937 chev pick up for 35 years,409 truck engine going in this one,(if you consider it a classic,it's an antique really)My 1955 chevy 4 door Bel-Aire(getting one of Aubrey's 348 stroked and poked to 427)for 2 years and wouldn't consider selling either one of these vehicles. :D :D

Tom Kochtanek

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Just the GM cars

Over the years I have had as many as 25 cars at one time, mostly made in Europe (British, Italian, Sweedish). About 5-6 years ago I bought a 'Vette and my wife of now 25 years put her foot down and said either the Corvette goes or the foreign cars all go. I guess i had other options, but I thought it important to stay married. After all, she is the mother of my children :)

Since then I have collected mainly GM cars, focusing on early 60s V8 four speeds. I will never sell any of the new purchases, and I plan to restore them one-by-one. After the 'Vette I got really interested in 1961 and 1962 Chevys, and thanks to Bob :) :) :) I became well informed with respect to the beloved "W" engine.

I will only list the "builders", not the parts cars (there are about 3-4 of those) in order of purchase:

1963 Corvette split window coupe 327-340HP four speed. Ermine white over Red. Paid $15K about 5-6 years ago, then did a body-on restoration. Will keep forever, and it's willed to my 21 year old son, who learned to drive a stickshift in this vehicle (and took it to the Senior Prom).

1961 Belair 2 door sport coupe. Originally a 348 with a 3-on-the-tree, it came without a drive train costing $200. This one started by "W" engine craze, and while it's been neglected, it deserves to be restored. I started that restoration, then stopped about 2-3 years ago when I acquired a:

1962 Belair 2 door sport coupe (aka "Bubbleop"). This is my favorite ever body style. I love the Impalas, but this style and its simplicity justs knocks me out. I know Wrench feels the same way. The car came with no drivetrain, no front clip, and plenty of corrosion. I gave $1200 for her. Figured any '62 Bubbletop under $7500 was going to have rust issues anyway, and thought with a lot of effort I could get mine rust free (just the body and frame) for about that price, and at least I would have the comfort of knowing it was done correctly. Color codes are Black over Red (a personal favorite). I stopped work on this treasured beauty after 2 years of body fabricating (not at all my strong suit) when I acquired a:

1962 Impala SS from the original California owner. Bought on Ebay for $6941. Originally a 283 PG with power steering and E-Z tinted windows, this baby was a driver from the get-go. After two years of driving her (while still working on the Bubbletop) I decided last October to totally dismantle the vehicle and do a frame off restoration. Am currently about 45%-50% done and am putting the push on to get her ready by September 15th for KC. If I have to tow it there, I will :). My plans are to work fulltime in July and August on getting this vehicle ready for the Annual. Wish me luck. My Dad bought a one year old '62SS in 1963 and my car matches his color scheme: Ermine white over Aqua. This is a keeper, and it's willed to my second son, who is now 18. He's never driven the Corvette, afraid that he'll damage it and I will end his life. I wonder how he's going to react to this beauty when she's done???

Currently owned but not restored are:

1961 Impala 2 door coupe. CA car with one piece bumpers. 283 with 3 speed on the floor (was born a PG). Restorable. Gave $700 for it.

1961 Belair 4 door sedan. Donor car to the above '61s. Solid up front with a 6 cylinder PG.

1961 Impala 2 door coupe. Originally a 348 factory 4 speed car, I bought this for parts and paid $1000 on Ebay. Already salvaged the frame, the 4 speed and tons of parts like window glass, seats, and such.

1962 Belair 4 door sedan. Purchased locally as a parts car for the Bubbletop. Gave $500 for it. Starts, runs, drives, and stops. It's so complete I didn't have heart to take parts for it, so I bought another one:

1962 Belair 4 door sedan. Paid $409 in an Ebay auction. Was about 2 hours from my home. I still have every part of this car, except that they are all dismantled and stored in my shed and the Farm. Its to be the donor to the Bubbletop.

1962 Belair 2 door sedan. Bought on Ebay for $600 last summer 'cause the guy said it had "factory posi". He lied, it had an open case with welds to make a "locker". I lost that one, but the car is soooo cool looking in gray primer that I thought I'd hang on to it for a future drag car. I think it should have a 409 fuelie in it...

1966 Pontiac Catalina convertible. 389 2 barrel automatic with factory air, seats, windows. Rust free. After Dad sold his '62 SS, he bought his first new car in 1966. Can you guess what that was? My long range plans are to "spruce" this land yacht up with a 421 tripower setup and a Muncie 4 speed. I've only had this three months and have already acquired a 421 long block along with a 428 Pontiac block. Have about $1300 in everything so far. Still loking for Pontiac parts (tripower setup), but need to stay focused on the Chevys.

That's about it, except for some parts cars I might have missed. Now for my "dream list" of vehicles that still need to be acquired:

1. All of IgnitionMan's cars stored in that train station in Nevada :)

2. Jack Gibb's 1962 aluminum-fronted Bubbletop (wet my pants...)

3. A 1956 Mercedes 300SL "Gullwing"

4. A 1964 Rolls Royce S3 convertible

5. A 1963 Bentley S3 Continental Coupe ("Flying Spur")

6. A 1963 Z06 Corvette Coupe

7. A 1963 Corvette Gran Sport (I'd settle for a clone, since there's only 5 made)

That would make me happy, but being a part of this Forum does that as well :)



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How Long?

Had my '63 for better than 22 yrs. now. Had 31k on speedo then and 34k & some change now. Till death do us part.

As for the Henway and RollsK...I might be tempted to sell for right $$$ :brow


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Here's my list of ones currently owned (and paid)

64 Chevelle Convert, 18 yrs, $1500
85 Chevette 4dr, 8yrs, $100
53 Bel-Air 2dr Sedan, 6yrs, $400
53 150 series 2dr, 4yrs, (asking $1500)
78 Silverado K20, 4yrs, $900
32 Chevy 5W Coupe, 3yrs, $Too much
87 Silverado K20, 2yrs, $2000
79 Caddy Coupe Deville, .5yrs, (asking $700)


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1962 Impala SS 409 4 speed. Original 409 car, have GM paperwork from 1962. Miles are supposed to be correct at 28,000. I have owned it for 4 years and do not plan on selling it. Bought it while on vacation in Vegas. Paid too much! Oh well I will have it paid off in 1 month so I guess it doesn't matter! :D
How long

Well i am down to 2 old cars now.the 56 belair,4sp,302,paid 4500.00,had it for 7 yrs.probley will never sell.the 36 coupe paid 9000.00,had it for 5yrs.may street rod it later.will keep it to. thanks 36master :doh :roll


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70 Firebird - 8 years - $FREE (inherited)
58 Chevy Delray - 5 years - got in trade for 85 Corvette -
(348 spun a bearing 15 miles later)
74 El Camino - 6 years - $3500 (some guy in paper)
53 Chevy Truck - 3 years - $300 (junkyard)
60 Parkwood - 3 years - $770 (ebay)
59 Biscayne - 2 years - $1200 (ebay)
61 Biscayne - 2 years - $1200 (ebay)
59 Biscayne - 1 year - $860 (yep, ebay)
60 El Camino - 1 year - $got screwed
59 Impala 4dr Hdtp - 2 weeks - $1200
62 ??? Bel Air - still looking for - $least amount as possible

Impala Lover

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Here is my list, it is short but sweet. I have a 1963 Impala SS that I have owned for about 16 years. It came with a rebuilt 327 and a Muncie 4 speed. I paid $600.00 for it when I was in high school. My next car is a 1963 Impala 4 dr sedan that I bought from the original owners back in 1999 for $900.00. It had very little rust and a good running 350 with powerglide. I drove the car home and did some work on it. Also, I have a 1981 Monte Carlo that I put a 350 in, it can lay black marks for about 2 blocks! Anyway that's about it, but I would like to add to my collection!!!


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Car I have

Well, I just have my 63 409. Have had it for almost 11 years. I have had a lot of high performance cars over the years, but DA me sold them.
My wish list is short, though. I want something really light, to make fast. I've been thinking of that 1954 Henway that Jim has. Not sure that I can find one, though. I think they were pretty rare. I can try, though.



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63 Body

Bob, how much of the 63 donor car is left? Is there enough to make a race car out of it? I'm looking for a 63 to build to race. Don't want a cream puff. Don't want to cut on a good car. Want to run the nostalgia SS class. I guess you would know what I need. If yours is too far gone, keep your eyes open for me.



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I have had my 1961 Impala 409, 4speed almost 34 years. It has been "retired" most of that time and I have had two other '61s with 409s in the interim. Hopefully, I will unretire my car in the near future as I can afford it. $$$$$$:?