How many 2 door biscaynes had 348s?

Tom Kochtanek

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Not sure of those 1960 cars, but in the ones I look at (1961/1962) the cowl tag is near your master cylinder on the firewall. Your VIN tag would likely be on the driver's side door jamb. Someone will correct me if they know that particular year Chevy :).

The cowl tag has the most info, it will have the words STYLE and PAINT followed by some numerics that tell you the colors, etc.

I'd go with the 348 but the suggestion of the BBC crank would really wake that W up :).

Cheers! TomK


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These rubber floors had a colour fleck to match the interior too, grey, green, can’t remember what others. This one looks like it was grey.


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I will definitely have to take a closer look at them when they got home. The 4 dr parts car was a nice mansion for a bunch of mice so my hopes are not too grand for that one but the other one might have lots of potential :pray


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Finally got them home!!! But now I will need help with the cowl tag please? I am confused with the payment my code and acc code?

Here are some pics, bear with me, i took them just tonight View attachment 78121 View attachment 78122 View attachment 78123 View attachment 78124 View attachment 78125
That’s a great car... here’s a picture of my cowl tag on my ‘61... built the 4th week of June in Flint... has the same ACC codes as yours.... first time I’ve ever seen the W 8 together other than mine....