Hubbards Impala parts vs. Classic Industries

Purchased hood hinges and new springs for my 63 Impala from Hubbards three yrs ago, but only installed the a month ago. (Big mistake buying parts until you are going to install them). They are basically useless. After 4 calls finally got a tech person. There reply was this was never a problem before. Their only solution was to cut the spring bend the ends to increase spring tension, a machine shop wants labor charges almost what I paid for them. I. Did not spend over $125.00 to throw them in the scrap pile. Imagine the hood dropping when working under it? Had a problem with two other parts from them. I just got parts from other sources and ate the cost. Compare that with Classic Industries they have always been very quick to resolve any problem that comes up. I would highly recommend them for their customer service.


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Should have told them that the hood fell on your head, and that you required stitches. Bet that they would have taken them back then. Seems that all repro hinges are ng right out of the box. Send your originals out for new rivets, and your old springs will hold the hood up! The other thing is to always deal with someone higher up the food chain, that realizes that bad customer service will cost them future customers. It is not uncommon in the hobby to buy parts in advance, and not install them a few years later. If they were defective when you installed them in 2020, then they were defective in 2017 when you purchased them. I love the phrase, "this was never a problem before"! My only response would be for everyone that has ever purchased repro hinges to post whom purchased from, and if they are satisfied with the reproduction part. I'll bet that there will be very few satisfied with repo hinges.

Jim Sullivan

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I've never used repro hood hinges. But, I would remove the springs and see just how loose the rivets are. If this is the problem, you may be able to tighten them up with a hammer or press.

63 dream'n

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A lot of repo junk out there....... they’ll tell you the fit is good....... bullshit...... horse shoe trim around tail lights 1/4 - 1/2” off...... like a glove...( OJ’s)

It’s hard not to buy parts as you are saving and accumulating parts on a budget.......many can’t just go and buy the car of our dreams.......

Phil Reed

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I refused to sell parts that I found inferior. Told the customer he would have to buy that items somewhere else cause I didn't want him mad at me!!!!!! Hood hinges was one of those items. 63 Impala r1/4 cove moldings was another. Can't remember all the items now. What was I talking about ??????


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I bought a pair of Headlight Eyebrow moldings, from Harmon's, years ago, for my 64. They would Not, fit tight against the fender. I had to put Putty in the open space, and paint it silver.:doh:bang This was not, from the original, Harmon family business, that now operate Chevrolet Resto World.