Inexpensive Borescope


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I purchased an inexpensive borescope a couple of months ago and just got a chance to use it last week. It is a Depstech 1200P Wi-Fi Endoscope Inspection Camera. The unit I have has a 20 meter camera tube (I assume for checking pipes or walls) and comes with a battery-powered Wi-Fi transmitter. The self-contained Wi-Fi transmitter links to my iPhone or iPad and will transmit still or video to them. I believe it also works with Android devices. The tip of the "probe" has LED lighting that you can control the intensity (too much light in a small space washes out the image). Although the camera is fixed, you can rotate the probe tip by turning the cable and it will let you look around. It also comes with a small mirror that attaches to the end, but I have not tried that for fear of losing it inside the engine. The probe tip is 8.4mm in diameter - small enough to easily go through a spark plug hole. Cost on Amazon was $37.75! An amazing tool for small cost!

I was surprised with how easy it was to set up and the clarity of the images. I used it to check my 350ci Chevy that had been sitting since 1997 to see if the cylinders looked bad. Enclosed are some photos that I took with the scope. You can even see the cross-hatching in the cylinder, which was a surprise to me - the engine has about 75k miles on it! The scope saved me from having to pull the heads to check it out.




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I bought a bore scope off of Ebay its the same one as Harbor freight has its the more expensive one but I can't see jack crap with it. I think I just need to spend a little more time with it. The pics. on yours look great Jeb.