Interesting '62 409 for sale on Hemmings


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Love the crossram but I guess I dont understand why someone would cut a giant hole and put that strange scoop on a nice car and paint it flat black no less.

Tom Kochtanek

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I'm sure that's a very nice car (with the exception of the hood mods). Gosh, I'd sell my '62 Biscayne for just half that once I get it done, but it's got a Red interior from a Belair :).

Just out of curiosity, have we ever determined whether anyone has the 409 version of M/T crossram lurking under a stock hood?

I know Paul wants to know, and soon I may need to know as well. I'm guessing that depends on the carbs and the choice of air breather?

Cheers! TomK

Don Jacks

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Yes,there was a guy a couple of years back that did just that.I think his name was Kevin.I remember that he had to lower the engine/and or raise the body slightly.I don't remember what he used for air filters.For some reason the name Kevin Green comes to mind.There should be some of his build posts in our history.

Carl 1962

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Probably a repro cowl tag, because a couple of things are wrong about it - incorrect date code format and body number is for a car that should have been built in approx 1st week May. Maybe they wanted to SPEC the black trim on a nice new tag (black not offered on Belair in 62) and stuffed up the date and body number. Or they got an engine from a St Louis car dated Feb 18 and bought a repro cowl tag with a 2nd week Mar date code to make the dates line up better, but kept the original body number from when the car was built in 1st week May.