Iowa 348/409 Event Possible dates 2018


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I have dates from the Onawa Racing Association, they are starting with 1/8 mile racing.
The last Iowa races in 2011 & 2013 were held in August.
So how many would like to have a race ? and when ?
Paul Stensland

Here is what the track operator said:

I’m sure we can accommodate your group at one of our events without any issues.

IHRA rules are generally more relaxed than NHRA. Essentially, we just need to refer to the ET rules for the typical ET’s those cars run. Based on what you have described, here are the rules: (essentially a roll bar not required unless quicker than 7.50 ET in the 1/8 mile)

11.50 to 13.49 1/4 mile
7.50 to 9.00 1/8 mile

In addition to the following rules, also see IHRA Summit Sportsman Safety and General Rules(I will add these rules in a later post

We can include your cars in any of our points bracket events or fun day events.
All Saturdays
June 2, 10 & 16
July 7, 14 & 21
Aug 18 or 25
Sept 22
The entry fee would be $30 per car and driver (crew additional). We would be happy to give you your own class or classes.
Let me know what might work and if you have any other questions
Gardner Race Track Consultants

Link to dragstrip web site with pictures

The schedule for the entire year:
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Iowa 409 Guy

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Sound good to me Paul, only a 4 hour drive. I will be unable to attend August 11 & 12 and 18 & 19th. While there, I could check on the building I helped tuckpoint back in 1966 in Onawa. Joel was wanting me to put something together at Tri-State, but I see no reason with you having something. He'll like the drive being 5 hours less.
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I should be able to attend, just depends on the date. Not available for the following dates: June 16 & 23; July 21 & Aug 25. Would this be a 1 or 2 day event & would we be able to arrive on Friday & stay at the track? Don't really want to travel that distance for 1 day of racing. Thanks. Good luck, Take care.



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Looked at the schedule & dates that I might be able to make would be June 9 &10; 18 & 19 Aug; 15 & 16 Sept. It is about 1000 miles for me, about a 16 hour drive. Let me know what is decided & I will try to male it. Thanks.