Is This Stuff Desirable??


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Going thru some of my stuff and took a little better look at unused exhaust parts. Believed to be all NOS, but they were trial fitted to a 63 years ago. Car never made it to completion and sold in pieces. No down pipes from manifolds. Car had headers and this system was mocked up off the collectors. At any rate, what are the expert opinions. I think these are NOS resonators??
Many Thanks, Dennis

20190727_175243.jpg 20190727_175226.jpg 20190727_175558.jpg 20190727_175324.jpg 20190727_175444.jpg 20190727_175639.jpg 20190727_175657.jpg

Phil Reed

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#4 side of resonators is impossible to find and the other side seems to be around. DO NOT PART THEM OUT!!!!

Note to Dennis....the tailpipes are a bitch to ship!!!!! That's why I so generously offered to haul them away for you!!!!