ISO Interior shop Recc, Texas (or border state)


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First will be the deposit refund. The. We’ll move the car out into the sun and inspect it. Then we’ll clear and load up.

wasnt much of a haggle on the phone

thanks for the reference info. Mercy.


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Well, the move from interior shop #1 to #2 went without any emotional angst. The 1st shop owner was ready with the returned deposit and path cleared to move Polly out. Polly needed help, though. Battery was too low for the EFI start. So my Resto Shop owner, who accompanied me, spent a couple hours obtaining a new Optima Yellow 4 post. But once that was installed, Polly's 383 EFI roared to life with barely 1/2 a rotation. It was nice to hear her again. Got her loaded/secured in my enclosed trailer ...

Now this was the first time I had operated Polly. First time loaded into my trailer. So I was ... judicious.

I had installed 2x12s on the trailer floor to raise the car high enough to allow open door clearance from the trailer's fender wells. two steps up ... 3" lift off the floor. Well, I was a bit too careful and she stopped on each step. The second one had the rear tires on the trailer ramp ... and I have burnout marks on my wooden ramp! :) She is gonna GO.

#2 Shop: confidence is high. Shop owner there did a walk through of the car and of my build list. Gave us a tour of their shop ... 8400 sq ft, including a 64 Impala they just finished. Beautiful. After agreeing to the quote, talked timeline. Owner said to call him Wednesday week ... expect to receive it Friday Week and they'd start ... wouldn't stop until it's done.

So ... I'm stoked. Got to play with my car a bit today, and make real progress again on the restoration project after it had sat "lonely" for 4 months ... back at the resto shop, a tech is syncing my phone to the Alpine stereo and doing a bit more retuning of the 8.2 speaker system. New Cragars and BFGs mounted on the front ... rear to go.

thanks for the comments here, y'all.


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Sync in some Elvis
I will ... M wanted some punch. Christian Rock band who started in the 80s ... when Polly was first overhauled ... had just released a new album this past September. "Even the Devil Believes" This is the lead song "Blood From Above."

Plenty of Patsy Kline, Beach Boys .. even Booker T ... Bobby Vee, Darin, and Vinton. of course, Roy Orbison ... The Shirelles , The Cascades.

Daddy raised me right.

Will update later this week, methinks.