Jet-Hot Coatings


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When I restored the 61SS that Robert now owns I found a complete NOS exhaust system, of course it was covered with surface rust and looked terrible so I sent to a Jet Hot place in Hopewell, Va (now closed) and this shinny silver coating applied. Just like Jims headers they looked great. That was 11 years ago and at the time it cost 500 bucks. They lasted good, I used to polish them before shows but after several years the tail pipes developed some brown spots that would not polish off, turned out to be rusting grom the inside of the pipe. But I was happy with them


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Look great! Hope you have good luck with them. I had my Hooker super comps done ( when headers were brand new inside and out) in 1994 think it was around $300 then with the lifetime warranty, had them recoated twice then they rusted again around 2002 and they said they only had a 3 year warranty and would only recoat if I paid them. Hope it works out for you ( they did look great) just ruined me for ever purchasing from them again

Jim Sullivan

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The big question is, what does something like that cost? :reading
Cost me $383.00 including return shipping with $1000.00 insurance. The headers originally cost me around $500.00-$600.00. The new coated headers cost me about $825.00 and didn't fit(they went back). I hope they hold up, the website still says lifetime warranty, so we'll see.


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I coated set of long tube headers, plus all the 3" pipe that exited in stock location with ceramic coating, on the "509" 62 chev. Any time it would dull or get dirty I would use mothers chrome wheel polish and a cotton rag and rub like crazy. Worked awesome, if I find a pic i will post