Jon From Michigan

Hello thanks for letting me join, Like old cars, Harley's, Boats and RVing. Three Pontiacs, one Chevelle, few Corvettes, couple Fords. Lots of Big Block Chevrolet power for boats. Thanks Again. Hope everyone's staying safe so can get back to the new normal. Jon


Tom Kochtanek

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I have a high school buddy who lived on Yargerville Lane some years back. i think he still owns it. Moved to Whitehouse, Ohio for better schools for his girls. He owns a bunch of rental homes in both areas. Small world, eh?

BTW, nice collection :) :) :).

Cheers! TomK


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Sitting here having my morning coffee, checking in on the insane asylum labeled as 348-409. I see we have a new member with LOTS of awesome toys. You are going to need to post ALOT more pictures with more info. Wheres pics of those Harleys? Welcome Jon!!