k9hotrodder"W" project


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Hi Guys, Here is another installment of my '57 "W" build.

1 Drivers side frame rail waiting for the "GOODIES"
2 Passenger side frame rail waiting also.
4 Upper & lower control arms ready for the rebuild.
5 They get sandblasted,primed & Painted and new ball joints,bushings and snubbers installed.
6 Driver side frame rail cleaned and primed.
7 Center of frame cleaned & primed.
8 Passenger side frame rail cleaned primed & painted.
9 Front end is ready for the suspension pieces.
10 Everything checks out and ready fo the install.
11 driver side is going together nicely
12 Disc brake caliper bracket installed driver side.
13 Caliper bracket passenger side.
14 Passenger side finished.
15 driver side finished.