k9hotrodder "W" project


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Hi gang, Here is another installment of my '57 "W" build

1 Right front caliper installed on the left side so that the bleeder is on top.
2 Left front caliper installed on the right side.
3 Front end finally done.
4 Got it to stop,now got to get it to go. Clutch & brake pedal assembly was sandblasted primed rebuilt and painted
5 waiting for the bushings and pedal pads.
6 Assembly all finished.
7 Another view showing new stop lite switch.
8 Booster from "Master Power Brakes" Moorseville N.Carolina Wires on the left is for the starter,cable on the right is new vent cable.
9 Now to find some tires to roll it out of the garage.
10 Front wheels off my old '79 Malibu Wagon will do for now.
11 Unforseen problem necessitated a huge decision on what tranny to use. Had to go with a TH-350 from my Malibu wagon.***
12 Splitting trans from the old 267 small block.
13 Time to rebuild the starter.
14 Starter done.

*** Just a note on the change of tranny.
When I sent the motor to my machinist I gave him 2 348 motors and told him to use the best parts from both for the long block. One engine was from a '58 passenger car & one was from a '63 truck. The crank was used from the passenger engine. I never looked & obviously my machinist didn't either. The '58 passenger crank was not machined for a pilot bearing. I thought all the cranks were drilled for pilot bearings. Could some one on this site please verify this crank .It's obviously from a automatic car. Thanks

Here are this weeks pics