k9hotrodder"W" project


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Hi Guys, Here is another group of pictures from my "W" build.

1 Finishing up the console. Purple & green wires are neautral safety & back up.The rest are for the tach and lights.
2 Finished at last. Now to hook up the wires. Boot & boot bezel are "Danchuk "
3 Side baffles for the front gravel shield R & L
4 This is how they go on the front of the car.These were thrown away on the race car. (Light = fast )
5 Fender tie bar and hood lock support with guide plate.
6 This is how they look on the car.
7 Sandblasted, primed and painted.
8 Fresh air duct work This goes under the fender on passenger side.Outlet on the side is for the heater/ fresh air.
9 sandblasted. cleaned up nicely.
10 In primer.
11 Driver side vent ductwork with inside kick panel grilles.and fender to fenderwell braces.
12 All sandblasted
13 Passenger side duct work painted and installed.
14 Driver side duct work painted and installed
15 Fender to fenderwell seals installed. Waiting for the 3m yellow glue to set up.

More to come.



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That seal is listed in my "Danchuk" ( Used to be Classic Reproductions ) catalog as an inner fender seal kit. I got them many moons ago. I don't remember what I paid back then but it wasn't a lot.I think Softseal makes them also.:crazy:cheers