KC MECUM auction

Phil Reed

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Anybody coming to KC this weekend for the Mecum auction? I can't be there Thurs. but hope to be either Fri. or Sat.
There is a bright red/red Chevy II that is outstanding!!!
Didn't see any 409 cars.....
Hollar if you are coming !!!!

Tom Kochtanek

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I plan to be in KC this weekend, but it's for some fundraising/social event :(.

Maybe I can slip away for a few hours and get some motivation to restart several projects :).

Cheers! TomK


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My boss will be there buying cars. We need a Dozen or more. KC is always a fun Mecum for us because its the closest to home. I drove a really nice looking Mustang conv. home from the auction 2 years ago. It broke down on the interstate 2 hours from home. Good times! Does anyone ever make it over to the Power and Light district? Seen some pretty wild stuff over there when people get drunk after the auction. :D


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Hey Phil - can't believe you're missing out on this..............:scratch


1967 Chevrolet C50 Bus | S133 | Kansas City 2019

Auction Lot S133, Kansas City, MO 2019. The original War Wagon seen around Arrowhead stadium. year restoration. 366 CI Chevrolet engine. TCI special built automatic transmission. Self contained restroom called the locker room. 4000 watt Onan generator. Roof mounted air conditioning and heat unit. New wheels, tires and brakes. Air horns. Can accommodate up to 16 people.