Kirk Wright’s Z-11

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I know I’ve mentioned this article before...... about the description of what it’s like to drive a Z-11 .......I finally found the article written by Doug Marion In the June 1981 super Chevy. I know of the dispute over the 50 or 57 Z-11’s.......but obviously at the time they didn’t have all that information....... but here are some snippets and a couple pictures of said article......... D51DC778-D9CB-4084-B856-954BB6335F61.jpeg 5498CF5A-A66F-455A-B6E6-336567A5C596.jpeg


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Great info. Always good to capture more info.

P.S. There were only 50 cars, not 57. The number 57 came from a letter to me from Paul Prior of Chevrolet that got circulated. He wrote in response to my question about how many were made, he said "his memory was 57". Close but not exact.
Also, there were only 50 engines built at Tonawanda.