Liberty pro shift gearset for Borg Warner Super T-10


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Dave is this gear set able to shift second third and fourth gears without using the clutch? Or are straight cut gears used? I was curious and looking for a gear set for a super T-10 and my 31 Chevy 409 5 Window Coupe. Thanks John:burnout

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Liberty says you have to use a clutch, but it doesn't say you have to let off the throttle.
I have a top loader at the shop you can look at to get a understanding of this style synchro's.


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Yes like James has said, this type of gearset is designed to be shifted using the clutch and shifting with the throttle floorboarded (very quickly) (drag racing) . Or if your street driving and easy shifting you can double clutch your gear changes. Farm boys will know what I'm talking about, at least old farm boys on old tractors. There is no sychronizers in this type gearset.
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