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Everything from post 61 has been on my table. I've heard of them all. I said I've had turtle many six times but all this talk has tweeted my memories. I have had turtle many more times when I was a kid as I can remember my family doing some of the things and talking about the things mentioned. I don't think the girls were quite as enthusiastic. Of course I've eaten possum and woodchuck, (ground hog) also.
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They always tried to eat my catfish on the stringer. If I had a shot, the High Standard Victor would make fish food out of them. :guns
Brings back memories as Ray said. I was about 10 and the whole family went fishing on my Grandpa's farm at Bullhead Pond. We had a bunch of fish on the stringer and when Dad went to put another fish on it a snapper was having a snack. He threw the stringer back in and stood there watching. When the turtle went after it again Dad jerked the stringer out and the turtle hung on. Bad mistake. Dad beat him over the head with a fence post and we had snapper the next day for supper.

Fathead Racing

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We could go on forever with these stories. I had a real nice catfish and a trophy large mouth on a stringer fishing out of a mud puddle. Packed up then drug two fish heads out of the water. Man was I pissed. If I would have had my 22 revolver with me I would have put a pill in that snapper.

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NO you didn't James.This post started out about fuel delivery.About the fuel bowls,back in the late 90's,Bill Mitchell sold float bowls simular in design to these from Holley.They weren't that expensive though.