Mason Dixon 2017

2017 Mason Dixon 409 Race show

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Mark Steele

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Who has a list of racers that we think would like to come to this race?
If we can develop one, I'd be happy to help contact these people.
I'm concerned that we may not get many of the group to come to these events unless we do some encouraging.
A lot of our regulars know 409 guys that have great race cars but they don't come out and race with us. I think would have a great time if they did..
If they are afraid they aren't going to win--heck, I'm never going to win, but I love these events - so does my family.
Maybe they would all like to stay at the same hotel? Have more social stuff than just at the track? I'll help where I can.
Time marches on. We all are getting older. I want to do a lot of racing with the 409 group while I can.