Maybe next week....


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Coming along nicely!
Are you planning on showing this car at any events like a concour or something similar? I would love to see and hear this car in person when you have finished.
I have the greatest respect for those who enjoy show cars....however...I'm not very patient and don't set still very well.

That said the car needs to be shared with those who appreciate the while I have no specific plans at the moment...other than finishing it...we will get the car out a bit. If you are ever in our area...once the car is would certainly be welcome to stop by.


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If your are into walking,& looking or if you are so impatient, you could try the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise.
About a million people looking at around 10,000 plus cars along the roadway.
If you are more into slow driving for 8 miles & 8 at normal limits 45 then back its the place.
You will see about everything imaginable vehicle wise, in one day.