Metal project: Welder/plasma cutter cart


Today I finished up the new welder cart I've been building. Got tired of using the rickety old Harbor Freight cart I had so I designed this one to meet my needs. It holds a mig welder and plasma cutter as well as an 80lb tank of C25 gas. I even tucked in a small inverter stick welder I have. A small plastic tool box on bottom rear shelf holds the consumables for both machines. Lots of hand made hooks for all the wires and leads.

This is constructed of 1-1/4 16ga square steel tube for the main frame, 1" 16ga square tube for the handles and expanded metal for the shelves and back panels.

A neat option about this cart most won't notice right away is that it rolls on 4 wheels for smooth surfaces or you can tip it back like a hand truck to roll on the large pnuematic tires for "rough terrain" like my yard. lol The machines and tank are securely mounted so they won't fall off or move during travel.

The square tube/expanded metal theme was carried over from the welding table I recently made but a color change was made and choosing it was the hardest part! :D



Bob, something else you may need. I know I do, I usually jamb the filler rod in the tungsten when I'm welding aluminum air cleaners. So I just made up a tungsten holder to keep freshly sharpened tungsten close at hand.
I ordered a pack of 1/8 and 3/32 tungsten from Amazon. I chose the blue lanthanated variety. That's 20 pieces so I'll have lots to practice with. :D