Model A 409 swap


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Well, no new pictures but I finished the headers and got the car out on the road a couple of weeks ago...
It ran very well and the car drove much better with the extra weight in the nose so I was very happy with that.
It did smoke a lot on restarts and was very low on power,felt pretty good until about 3500 rpm and then fell on it's face

So this little shakedown run was informative, I then pulled the 09 back out and tore it down.
Found it had the really low compression pistons in it and it's a truck block, overall it's in really good shape.
Less than .001 taper in the cylinders.

I have order piston's,cam and Intake from Aubrey, Aluminum heads from Bob Walla and the rest from Summit.
It's going to be standard bore 4 inch stroke so a 468 10:1 compression.

Should be on the road February ?
Found a picture of the teardown.
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I told him to just pick one he thought would be good and he said he thought none of them were perfect for this combo so he wanted to do a custom one but I haven't heard back yet. This was just a few days ago.
It will be a solid flat tappet something in the 240@ .050 range.


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The Pistons are exactly as ordered and very happy with them.
I will say however they were supposed to be here before Christmas and I got them a few days ago.
Very frustrating to say the least, communication with Aubrey was very poor and really thought I was not going to receive anything.
Another thing I ran into is the Scat 4 inch crank, Summit lists it as Internally balanced. It is not !

Just a couple of FYI's for those you looking to build a stroker.

Don Jacks

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Show Cars states that it takes a "small" amount of Mallory Metal to internally balance one of these cranks.I think that Summit should say[same applies to Jegs] that these cranks CAN be internally balanced.Perhaps the manufacturer should make this known to their venders instead of making ,at the least,misleading statements about the condition of their products.As far as the timeline on the pistons goes,Aubrey may not be at fault here,as Carl McQuillian has had numerous problems with Ross reguarding getting pistons made properly for these engines.There have been several people posting here that the pistons that they got were on average,about a point less on the compression ratio than they were supposed to be.
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