motor plate

63 dream'n

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Anybody have a front and mid motor plate for 409?
May dragster broke both my rear motor mounts. So time to get serious about controlling horse power.
Does anyone manufactured them, as far as a company....????......What thickness of plate is required and is it a specific type of aluminum sorry for so many questions

Howard Hull

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For the front I'm looking at "U" shaped plates. Are the 409 front motor mounts spacing the same as CSB and CBB ?
Looks like the universal rear plate will work.

Barry Taylor

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Howard this is a pattern from my rear engine dragster from back in the early 2000s that i modified to fit the recent altered i put together. I took that motor plate from the altered and cut off the outside ears and welded on new ones for the latest door car. You would be welcome to this pattern if its something you can use. BT