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Does anyone have any suggestions on a good sounding muffler for a fairly healthy 409 street engine? I've got a 286 110degree CL cam so its got a nice lope. I've listened to the flowmasters but I just don't think that is the sound I'm after. They sound a little too "modern" for my car. I also want to stay away from the glasspacks. I'd like something that isn't too quiet but still has a nice sound without sounding "tinny". Any ideas? I'll most likely be adding the Bob Walker style cutouts for increased volume but they won't be open all the time.


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I have flowmasters (2.5") on my Belair, and they sound like a streerod should. My engine is a 409/446 stroker with 2x4 intake and a Z-11 hydraulic cam with a good lopey idle on a 700R4, at 650-675 rpm.

They are a bit loud at very low speeds, but smooth out nicely when cruising mildly.



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What model muffler are yours? I was on flowmaster the website a couple days ago and the standard 40 series, 2 chamber mufflers sounded pretty good on the sound clip.
I love my flowmasters

I love my origonal 40s but be sure to place them on the back side of the x frame. I think your cars are x frames. Am I right? Well, the point is to be sure the mufflers are under the back seat or right before the rear axle. If the tailpipes are too long they sound horrible. I have first hand experience with this. Keep tailpipe length below six feet.

If you want to avoid the flowmaster sound I love so much, try magnaflows. They sound pretty good too - more like a digitally remastered recording of a glasspack that actually sounds good and much less krass. Again, keep tailpipe length short if possible. The Magnaflows I heard and liked were on a box bodied camaro, so look at that kit and find the mufflers shaped like that one and try to duplicate the tailpipe length even if it means placing the mufflers just after the rear diff. I am a 55 Chevy guy and not an Impala guy so I may be mistaking, but I think these cars had resonators towards this location. That would proberably be a pretty good place to put the magnaflow round mufflers in that location. They should tuck in there pretty well with their shape. I think this is the shape of the f-body muffler but I would have to double check.

I perfer the flowmasters as my 55 Chevy runs the same et as with open headers Have Fun

Anything that turns money into noise has to be fun!

Good luck.


roger gunter

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try the magniflow 50 series
I think they will give you the sound that your looking for
I am putting them on my car this winter, since I will be pulling the motor out , and changing the cam out
They have a good deep throaty muscle car sound with out the crackle and drum in you ears while cruising around
61 bubbletop
409/425 hp
4 speed
factory a/c


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Too modern sounding

I also thought the flowmasters sounded too modern. I am using Thrush (Woodpecker logo) 2.5" got them from summit racing. I bought the longer ones and they fit well in the original spot.


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Thanks for the tips, guys! I'll definetly check 'me out! I REALLY need an exhaust!! Actually my car need an exhaust about 10 years ago. Rattles, leaks, rust, you name it. Its kind of embarassing and its overshadowing my fresh engine!

Speaking of exhaust, does anyone here happen to have a pattern sheet for a 1963 full-size Chevrolet with duals? The shop I'm going to have do the pipes has been in business since the 1920s but they were unsure if they still have the patterns for my car. My current set up is close except it has the pipes going straight back. I want to get the original tail pipes that exit behind the rear wheels. Thanks again for the help!!

I agree

I agree with fatride, the dynomax have the toughness of the glasspacks without all the crackle and pops. Still try to keep the tailpipes shorter than six feet


I had Dynamax turbos on my 409 but they were too quiet for me. I might sell them on ebay someday as I don't think I'll go back to them. I switched to Flowmaster 40 series and now I can hear the exhaust. :brow :D

I put Flowmaster Delta flows on my 72 Chevelle w/ a small block and like them too. They are bit quieter than the 40's but have a nice sound.

Glass packs on my truck. I guess I like to hear my exhaust? :brow


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The '59 SDL has some round "bullet" style mufflers in the stock location and just ahead of the front mount for the rear lower control arms. It's got a very nice sound that doesn't crackle and pop or sound like a trashcan as Flowmaster systems sometimes do. I don't recall the brand of the mufflers off-hand, but I suspect that Dynomax or Magnaflow carry a similar muffler that would result in the same sound.

Using the bullet style mufflers also helps to tuck the exhaust up closer to the frame and help avoid the ugly look to the front part of the system that these cars tend to get when using the oval or boxy style mufflers in the stock location.


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nothing wrong with a stock 33" uit from napa or show cars. IT'll still sound plenty healthy but not too louod and definitely not TINNY. They'll suck a lot of hp though, so go with the cutouts youplanned.


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I know exactly what you mean, Mike. I've had other cars, with glass packs, where the head pipe didn't have the right angle and was visible. Thats one thing I want to avoid. The flowmasters are pretty thick. I think I know what you're talking about with the "bullet" style mufflers.

I've thought about the stock mufflers. There is a 64 Impala 2dr ht down near me that has a 400hp 409 (stock specs) with a totally stock exhaust system. It even has the resonators. It was pretty quiet. Even in a metal building, idling, all I could hear was the solid lifters dancing arround in the block.

This is almost like choosing a cam but you guys have given me some places to look. Thanks!!



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I have tried a few mufflers, but IMO, the nicest mufflers I had on the 62' w/327 were "Walker... Royal Scotts". That was some 25 years ago though. Anybody used these? Any leads as to who sells these?...if still available?



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I use the Flowmaster 50 Series Delta. much better sound then the 40`s and WAY less interior noise!!

They don`t have that hollow tin can sound, more like the muscle car meaty sound!!

I also like the Dynomax,,, had them on another car. ,,dq


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i ran dynomax race magnums with the SBC in my 63 and it sounded awesome.

got magnaflows on my dads 63 and that sounds great too