My 62 Impala SS Project


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Wow, we love the way you lifted the chassis and build the stand!!!. That would make life a lot easier than the way were doing things. Great project, keep the photos coming along....


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Well I am about to the point where I have a rolling chassis again and I took a little time while waiting on the fuel and break lines to touch up my old wheels. these will some day be replaced but for now I just wanted the chassis to look good while sitting in the garage
So here are the old wheels which are cragers with steel outer construction and an alum. insert They were pitted and rusted on the steel part.
Here is the wheel after working over the old chrome and giving the etching primer something to grab on to.
So I put on a coat of Drk. Gray metallic paint on the spokes
First Color.jpg
and finished it off with a metallic silver and 3 layers of clear
I think that these will look good until I can buy some new wheels. There will be a rolling chassis shot coming soon.